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Quetta Stubbs is the founder and the owner of A Glamorous Look Artistry. This company was founded in 2009 and it been successfully ran by Quetta Stubbs. She is a God fearing woman that represent makeup artists and hairstylists. She stated off as an aspiring makeup artist in 2006 and the reason she started this company. Is because she love helping other reach their goals as a makeup artist and hairstylist.



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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This particular look was created by me yes, me Quetta Stubbs. This look is a high fashion look and the colors I used was very bright. The colors I used came from a Mac Professional Palette, I used Mac brushes and Mac eye primer prep. The only thing I didn’t like about the Mac eye primer prep is because it was to creamy. You have to be very careful when using this primer because the eyeshadow will crease and that’s not a good look. I used eyeshadow on her lips for her lipstick and that also came from the Mac Professional Eyeshadow. First I used a lip gloss just a small amount then used the Mac lip brush to apply the eyeshadow on her lips. That is basically the look I was going for and also the products I used. Thanks for reading Ladies and Gents! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, like my makeup page on Facebook and follow my blog on the right hand side. Thanks again!