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Quetta Stubbs is the founder and the owner of A Glamorous Look Artistry. This company was founded in 2009 and it been successfully ran by Quetta Stubbs. She is a God fearing woman that represent makeup artists and hairstylists. She stated off as an aspiring makeup artist in 2006 and the reason she started this company. Is because she love helping other reach their goals as a makeup artist and hairstylist.



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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Natural Face Chart Created by Me (Quetta Stubbs)

This is a face chart I created and I will actually like to say this is a natural look. I like to do face charts so my clients are able to look through my book and see different looks and styles. Clients can also view what looks they like to go with rather if its dramatic, natural or maybe both.  This look is with Mac Products and no you don't have to just use Mac Makeup you can use different brands. I have shared the colors I used from Mac please read below:

Lid: Beauty Marked
Crease: Black Tied
Lips: Diva (on the edges of the lips)
        Desire (in the middle of the lips)

F.Y.I I did this look on my Phone I have an Andriod so if you would like this App, you can look it up in Market Place the name of the app is GLAMZY. Yes, its $2.99 and its a one time fee... (its also available for the IPhone)

Thanks for reading my blog!

Quetta Stubbs

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Blog will be mainly about the look I had a week ago :)

First off the products I used on my EYES was BhCosmetics 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette. The only thing is that I do not know the name of the colors that I used because it does not come with names which sucks. For my eyebrows I am using the Maybeline EyeBrow Defining Pencil the color of that is Chestnut. I like the Defining Pencil because it really lasts at along time :) The price was $7.95 I believe I had it for a good 6 months which is awesome. I used the BhCosmetics 66 Lip Palette for my lips of course however I do not know the color due to no name listed. This look was mainly color If you do not want the lips to be so bright you can have a nude lip or darken the color maybe a brown lipstick. You can also use a clear lip gloss or a brown lip gloss either or. This is the look that I have created color on the eyes and on the lips. Thanks so much for reading please Comment and visit my Makeup Page

Quetta Stubbs

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

88 Color Palette by BhCosmetics

Pros: I bought this Palette and when I received it I was so excited heck I'm still excited lol! Everything about this palette is wonderful.. If you're interested you should by this palette its awesome. I have tried mostly all the colors I will post pictures in my next post to give y'all an idea,

Cons: There's no Cons the palette is soooo awesome :)

You can purchase this palette at I think this palette was $18.95 it was a special

Thanks for reading my post!

Quettta Stubbs

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I purchase the concealer palette from BhCosmetics

Pros: I really like this concealer it covers up a lot and it very smooth. I get excited using it becaus eit covers all my dark spots on my face so that's an A+ for me. You 10 colors you can work with for different complexions. I use the brown one on the bottom row the 2nd one from the right, and I also use the very dark one on the right of it. Becasue I contour my nose to make it smaller depending on what look I'm going for :)

Cons: The concealer is sooooooooooo thick gosh! While trying to put some product on your concealer brush, however you can you use the concealer with your fingers its not that difficult. Oh and I really don't like the smell of it but you can't smell it when its on your face lol!

I purchase this online at for 16.95 it was a special.

Thanks for reading :)

Review on BhCosmetics

I purchase Bhcosmetics's 66 Lip Palette...

Pros  Wow I love this so much and the colors shows great! You can use a lip primer or you do not have too. I actually use the lip colors without a lip primer. I have tried a lot of colors like the dark blue second row from the bottom and the 6th one counting from the right. The color looks great. Another color I tried was the light purple color yay! The first row from the bottom counting from the left. That color is terrific you have to purchase this it does wonders.

Cons:   I don't have a lot of Cons but only one the colors is only for photoshoots the reason I say that is because if you wear these colors and want to apply it, it will be hard unless if you want to carry a huge palette with you. I really don't have any more cons.

I purchase this online website is the price on this was $16.95 that was a special. Checkout the great deals on the website :)

Thanks for reading and have a great productive day :)