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Quetta Stubbs is the founder and the owner of A Glamorous Look Artistry. This company was founded in 2009 and it been successfully ran by Quetta Stubbs. She is a God fearing woman that represent makeup artists and hairstylists. She stated off as an aspiring makeup artist in 2006 and the reason she started this company. Is because she love helping other reach their goals as a makeup artist and hairstylist.



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Friday, July 15, 2011

Skin Care

Mary Kay 3 and 1 Cleanser

We all know taking care our skin is very very very important and if you didn't know well you know. If you want a flawless look take care of your skin, so you can have that clean flawless look.

I personal use Mary Kay 3 and 1 cleanser. I love Mary Kay skin care because it does justices for me.

This creamy cleanser that's in the tube comes in normal to dry and combination to oily. The soap comes with the dish that have your skin feel fresh, clean and radiant with enhanced hydration. As it cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step, it begins the process to reveal younger-looking skin. Plus, with each use, your skin feels refreshed.

When to use product? I use this product before I use my makeup and after I remove my makeup.

Why should I use this product? Because It Cleanses, Exfoliates and Freshens at one time which is great.

How much is it? $18 each

How to find a Mary Kay Consultant? Go to

Please remember to skin care comes FIRST and makeup comes SECOND.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eye Brow Tips

If you can not see the picture, please click on the picture to enlarge it thanks :)

The picture you see above is ELF Brow Kit and its AWESOME! On the left you have the brow gel and on the right you have the powder. I have a picture just so you can see how awesome Elf Brow Kit is however I will give you the steps on how to apply the brow kit on:

Materials: Angle eyebrow brush, any Brow Kit (recommend Elf's Brow Kit) and Concealer

First- Brush your eyebows going up and make sure they are neat.

Second- Apply the brow gel to the left onto your brows as dark as you will  like them to be, and you can even go up a little to make your brows look thicker.

Note:Once you have shape your eyebrows the way you want them go to the next step.

Third- Apply the powder to the right onto the brow gel so it can be set since it is a gel.

Note: You will get your concealer its better to get concealer a little lighter than your skin complexion

Fourth- You can clean your Angle eyebrow brush and use a small amount of concealer and go above our eyebrows and outline them.
Fifth- Do not add anymore concealer to your brush just use what you have left on the brush. Apply concealer in front of your eyebrows, but do light strokes so you can get the look I have above.

Sixth- Your all finish and you should have the look above or maybe even better :)

The price for the Elf Brow Kit is $3 to $5 there's no bad reviews on my end they are great.
Elf Website:

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I hope you enjoy God Bless :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect

I purchase this Concealer last week sometime and the reason I purchase this product is because a lot of  people were staying the brand was great. However in my experience using Hard Candy, it was awesome. I learned a new technique from a young lady on youtube while using this product. I am looking forward doing more youtube videos and doing reviews on each product I purchase. I normally buy products to test them out and give my point of view on them rather if their good or not. This product was $8 and its worth every cent and I purchase this a walmarts. I'm in Houston, Texas and all walmarts does not sell them where I'm at. Checkout youtube if you want more reviews just browse Hard Candy Reveiw. Every race can use this concealer and I am in love with the casing its so cute and adorable. Once again I will be doing youtube reviews in the future. Thanks for reading and please follow.

Quetta Stubbs