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Quetta Stubbs is the founder and the owner of A Glamorous Look Artistry. This company was founded in 2009 and it been successfully ran by Quetta Stubbs. She is a God fearing woman that represent makeup artists and hairstylists. She stated off as an aspiring makeup artist in 2006 and the reason she started this company. Is because she love helping other reach their goals as a makeup artist and hairstylist.



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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Elf Beauty Clutch

Hiiiiiii Loooovvveeesssss!!! I purchase an Elf Beauty Clutch from Target for $10 :). It was doing the Holiday sale. I will like to give you the scoop on Elf Beauty Clutch! Yeeeessss!!! I soooooo love this Clutch indeed, yes I made a video about this and I wasn't able to talk more about it because I had other wonderful products to talk about! Any Who I rated the Beauty Clutch a 7 out of a 10 ummmmmm wait your horses I will tell you why with the PROS AND CONS :).

First what comes inside the Beauty Clutch:

32 Eye shadows
1 Bronzer
2 Blushes
1 Face Shimmer
1 Eye brow cream
1 Eye brow powder
6 Lip gloss/Lip Stick
2 Applicators

Note: This is my opinion and my opinion only...I didn't get paid by Elf nor no one to give my point of view on this product thanks.


Beautiful Colors such as (eye shadows, bronzer, blush and  lip gloss).

Eyebrow powder and cream works outstanding.

Eye shadows are easy to blend.


Eyeshadow is Chalky
Final Thought

You have the reason why I rated the Clucth 7 out of 10. Now the Clutch isn't a a waste its still awesome and the eyeshadow are still workable.  

I really hope this Review was informational if you have any questions for me please ask thanks.

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Quetta Stubbs

Saturday, December 17, 2011




I purchase elf Gem brushes at Target, and I love them sooooo much. I will like to inform you that I actually used the brushes myself however this blog is all about my opinion. My first impression when I first saw the Gem brushes was exciting. I thought the brush was very low quality, but I found out it was great quality. Yes the brushes are soft and usable.I am thinking about getting more of the Gem Brushes. I have a lot of other Elf bushes from the one dollar line, Studio Line, and now from the Gem Collection.The blending brush is awesome it blend very very good, and it pick up the eyeshadow very good as well. The eyeshadow brush is fantastic indeed picking up eyeshadow and applying it to the eyes. I love all of Elf brushes and they all serve a great purpose while using them. Yes, they are girlie that's the best thing I like about them especially that the brushes are awesome. I highly recommend these brushes because they are bling blinging and worth the money. I purchase each brush for $3.99 plus tax. I didn't even know that the brushes was sold at Target til a young lady stated on her video on youtube. I also have a video on youtube check it out Please comment, rate and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for reading my blog and do not forget to FOLLOW my BLOG :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Makeup for The Nzuri Natural Hair Show

I was hired by Model Stevie Tay to do her makeup for Nzuri Natural Hair Show. She walked in for a fashion show and I was very grateful to be apart of the show. This is the Look I created for Stevie Tay and she loved it. Everybody and they mama was giving me and her praises about my work :). I met awesome people at the show and I learned a lot at the Natural Hair Show. I am natural all natural and I love it. I learn so many things about African American Culture how it was against the law for us to where our air fros and dread locks. This was a great experience and I am looking forward for the next show next year.

Products I used on Stevie Tay
              CHEEKS: I used eyeshadow/blush palette and also by Bhcosmetics
               LIPS: Lip gloss palette by (light and dark pink)
               EYEBROWS: Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow kit
               FOUNDATION: Ruby Kiss for her whole face (Carmal)
               HIGHLIGHT: Nyx Concealer and Mary Kay mineral mineral                     
                                         powder to seal the concealer in place  
                 EYES: Elf 144 eyeshadow palette and black cream eyeliner from by Elf. I applied
                            fake lashes #747 Medium
*If you will like to find out more information about Stevie Tay her contact information is

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Smooches :)